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Why Choose Talon360?

Talon360 takes a complete approach to meeting your marketing needs -- whether you need traditional or electronic media, a public relations campaign, direct marketing or broadcast -- we begin first with your audience and how you can best reach them. We work alongside our clients to produce measurable results and a substantial return on their marketing investment. That's the 360 degree approach that Talon360 will take to helping you achieve success.



  • Consultation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Content Development
  • Web Site Development
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Direct Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Special Events

Marketing and

Public Relations

Talon360 was founded in 1998 in Dallas, Texas as a Marketing and Public Relations agency for all sorts of growing tech companies. In '99, the fledgling company began its journey as the first specialty agency in mobile app PR with the launch of the soon-to-be-famous Quickoffice suite for Palm Pilots. The company has since helped launch dozens of successful apps for smartphones (iPhone and Android) and tablets.


Kevin DoelAt the same time, marketing and public relations veteran Kevin Doel has personally helped businesses of all types successfully connect their message with their audience through effective strategic marketing communications.

Kevin has also served as the public information officer for the Office of the Kansas Fire Marshal and Director of Marketing for Brewster Place, Topeka's premier senior living and wellness organization.


Industries served by Talon360 include:

> Technology

> Government

> Senior Living and Wellness

> Retail

> Medical

> Finance


Better Visibility

The public is in constant search mode – and what they’re searching for is information. They browse multiple sites, compare, read news and blogs, and quickly make their own conclusions.

This is why your website needs to be written with impatient web surfers in mind, and why public relations needs to be a key part of your marketing strategy.

Talon360 will help you develop and channel your messages to the right audience to spur the right action for your business.

Impact Messaging

What your website says and how it says it is just as important as how it looks. And writing for web sites is far different than writing for brochures. Let us sharpen your web site’s content with powerful messaging.

Social media, such as a blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, are also important considerations for reaching your audience with targeted messaging. We can help you effectively leverage these powerful means of connecting with your customers on a personal level.

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